1. Skill Development

    The current education system does not focus on training young people in employable skills that can provide them with employment opportunities. Today, a large section of India’s labor force has outdated skills. With current and expected economic growth, this challenge is going to only increase further, since more than 75% of new job opportunities are expected to be “skill-based.”

    Realizing the significance and need for skilled manpower, UERPL is taking several initiatives to contribute effectively to the Government’s endeavors. UERPL partners with business sectors, companies and industry associations to boosting their in-house training facilities, but are also taking steps to make potential employees job-ready before they join organizations.

    UERPL offers training to the eligible youth in variety of services, business and manufacturing activities under various sectors:

    Power Textiles
    Construction Welding and Fabrication
    Environment IT
    Health Service

  2. Corporate Training

    UERPL enable Industrial Organizations to increase productivity and performance through their people. We design, develop and deliver a range of innovative learning solutions from interactive workshops focused around Growth, Innovation and Leadership to fully blended Industry-wide learning programmes. Our solutions are based on the latest industry research and market analysis conducted by our analysts and learning specialists.


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